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Professionally fitted Suits tailored garment & sourcing the best fabrics, Time to get everything just right, so that when you finally put the finished garment on, you never want to take it off.

Bespoke tailoring by Shab Jaff Tailoring is about more than clothes, it’s a way of life: celebrating the very best that the human hand can make & that money can buy.

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Central London
Suits Tailor

The Bespoke suit is truly one of a kind & an experience every gentlemen should experience in his life. Every bespoke suit is different, a unique suit pattern is hand drawn by our Master Tailors according to your measurements & suit style chosen. We will then cut the fabric for your bespoke suit, the good news is that Shab Jaff Tailoring has tested the fabrics over many years which enables us to advise on the best fabric for your city’s climate, your corporate field or formal function & body type. Shab Jaff Tailoring has built strong relationships with the london top fabric companies Shab Jaff Tailoring will advise on the best bespoke suit style & fabric for your body type & skin complexion, ensuring you will look phenomenal in your new bespoke suit.

Fitted Tailor Suits

The tailor made suit is the outstanding highlight of any gentleman's wardrobe. Your tailor made suit will be the single best fitting garment you own, which looks nicely fitted but still gives you the freedom to move & feel very comfortable in.

Shab Jaff Tailoring made suit will have an impeccable fit because Our master tailors will take between 25-30 measurements based on your body type & suit style chosen.

From this we will spend a whole day working on your patterns for your tailor made suit, for us this is the most important part of the process. If the drawings are clear & precise the rest is pretty easy & it all fits perfectly.


Business or Casual suits don’t have to be like uniforms We work with you to decide on the best cloth for your suit with an extensive choice of plain fabrics, stripes, checks & herringbones in a wide range of colours, whatever your environment.


It’s not just the colour & pattern of your suit that you need to think about. Suits endure a great deal of wear & tear, Shab Jaff Tailoring make your suits more durable it will be, with the added advantage of holding their shape perfect.

Cut & Fit

Elegant bespoke dressing will always instil comfort & confidence, so for your business wear, what better investment could you make than in a beautifully crafted made to measure suit.

Shab Jaff Tailoring take pride in working closely with customers to create the perfect silhouette & fit for their individual requirements & our skilled cutters pay exceptional attention to detail & accuracy when taking measurements so that a perfect fit is guaranteed.

Not only will you own the best suit in your office or for party, but we assure you that you will be getting many compliments on your new tailor made attire. We welcome you to try a Shab Jaff Tailoring made suit, we know you will be amazed at your decision.