Women's Tailor


We specialise in the creation of custom-fitted ladies’ business, corporate & formal wear. Renowned for producing high quality garments with its extensive experience in the art of haute couture:

  • Creates exclusive, designer-inspired garments with great care & an intricate attention to detail.
  • Provides extensive design & styling consultations as part of the tailoring.
  • Prepares customised patterns based on your figure (which are kept for up to five years & can be reused for the creation of further garments).
  • Offers an impressive range of fabrics for your selection (but you are more than welcome to bring your own fabric if it is appropriate to the particular style).
  • Alteration.

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Women's Suit

Especially in the workplace, requires carefulness & good judgment to express the type of message you want to convey. The days of the '80s when women wore masculine-looking suits with large shoulder pads are over.

Today's culture requires that women observe their work or professional environment more closely & dress according to their body type, organization & position. Suits for women today can range widely from the extremely casual in fabric & cut to the more conservative variety used in environments like high finance or law firms.

Full Service Alterations for Women

We are your one stop shop for all tailoring Services, where all of your requirements can be met. We are well known in the Central London for being the best at providing:

  • Rush Alterations
  • Emergency Alterations
  • Women's Tailor Service
  • Women’s Suit Alterations
  • Women’s Dress Restyling
  • Women’s Skirt
  • Women’s Blouse
  • Women’s Shirts
  • Button Holes Machine
  • Button Holes By Hands
  • Wedding Dress Alterations
  • Custom Tailoring
  • Formalwear Alterations
  • Zipper Repair & Seam Repair
  • Outerwear Re-Lining
  • Professional Invisible Mending
  • Button Repair
  • Leather Alteration

We specialize in resizing your clothes; we can take a size 40 & turn it into a 36 in no time. You can trust us with all your designer & upscale brand name clothing. We will give you the best finish without a trace of alteration.